Kindergarten Sings About a Duckling

In our Holly Room Kindergarten class, students study a letter of the alphabet each week. The teacher takes a popular song and rewrites the lyrics to reflect the letter of the week, embedding the letter frequently in the song. This week, our song is, “Sweet Duckling, Bathsheba”, in honor of our just hatched duckling. The tune is “Sweet Home Alabama”. You’ll be able to hear the song if you click here, and you will find the lyrics below. Enjoy.

Sweet Duckling, Bathsheba

Dinky flippers keep on paddlin’,
Tiny bill keep on guzzlin’
Skinny legs keep sachetin’,
Shiny eyes keep on blinkin’. (I’ll say it again.)

Sweet duckling, Bathsheba.
She’s my darlin’ sugar pea. (Yeah!)
Sweet duckling, Bathsheba.
She’s comin’ home to me. (Again & again.)

5 thoughts on “Kindergarten Sings About a Duckling

  1. I find something new and joyful every time I come to the DUCK BLOG. My thanks to all who have had a part.

  2. Hi Holly kids,
    I love hearing all your beautiful voices singing
    Sweet Duckilng Bathsheba! Keep those Holly room songs coming!

  3. Dear Duckling Batsheba,

    once upon a time we lived in the contryside and our children were age 3 and 4.
    We had many animals – dogs and cats, goats, a piglet, one old rabbit, some chicken and a couple of ducks. The children had a small playhouse on the lawn under the apple tree, and one morning we found out that one of our ducks was hatching in there! We agreed upon leaving her alone and built a new house for the kids. After about three weeks, mother duck was proudly presenting four tiny ducklings! As you can imagine, the kids were thrilled about this.

    Best wishes from Denmark, Europe

    PS I loved listening to your song!

  4. Feeling like a child again each time I come here. You teach us how to see the little- great things again. Those that child’s eyes see and ours – don’t.

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