Meet Mrs. Daisy Mallard

Hello Everyone!

We’d like to introduce you to Mrs. Daisy Mallard. She has chosen the playground at our K-8 school for her nest. (She and her mate were here last year too — the nest was behind the 5th grade building.) Click on any of the photos below to see Daisy in her nest. Be sure to check out the links on our sidebar for more general information about ducks.

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  1. (The MS Division Head writes): Would any class be interested in documenting the story of our campus duck? We thought it would be great to tell its story and talk about how it was discovered, investigate what kind of duck, how long it will take for the eggs to hatch, why it’s here and chose this spot. Let me know if some kids from your class or your class would be interested in taking on this project.

  2. (The LS Division Head writes): I am forwarding this to the K and 1st grade teams, because K is hatching eggs right now and first grade is about to study birds. This is an amazing opportunity on many fronts!

  3. (The Tech Coordinator writes:) And…how about creating a BLOG for the duck with photos and entries that all could share?!? I’m more than happy to set up and oversee this piece!

  4. (Tech Coordinator writes): One of the 1st Grade classes is in the computer lab right now drawing duck pictures in Kid Pix and writing “I wonder” questions about ducks. We put the duck photos on the big screen with the LCD projector as a writing/drawing prompt. The kids explained how in science they learned about how the female has the less colorful feathers to camouflage herself while she’s protecting the eggs.

  5. (Director of Facilities writes): One of the MS kids came to the shop during recess to report an egg in the nest. I’ll take a look. He said another student went in the area to look. I am printing up duck habitat signs that will include pictures of her to post around the perimeter.

  6. (Science Teacher writes): I know many of us have been worried that the Daisy hasn’t been sitting on her egg – here’s some info from the website the Director of Facilities sent that can ease our minds:

    “Nine to thirteen eggs are laid at daily intervals. Incubation begins when the clutch is complete and lasts for 27 to 28 days. The ducklings all hatch within 24 hours, mostly during the day. Once they are hatched they are led to water.”

  7. This is fantastic! I especially love the faculty conversation about this. I hope to see the students get online here soon.

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  9. Thank you for introducing us (Mrs. Daisy Mallard.) You chose to post a very nice photos. Ducks setting on her eggs in the nest. Very fantastic and informative to our kids on how ducks care for their eggs.

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