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The Duck Diaries won an award!

edublogIt appears that we’ve been awarded the special Edublog Star Award (Convenors choice) as part of the Annual 2006 Edublog Awards! To check out all of the winners and nominees, go to http://www.incsub.org/awards/


  1.    Jane Krauss says:

    Congratulations on your award. I appreciate how the other students in the school were brought into the project. In our town, Eugene, Oregon, one of the middle schools has had a mallard pair nesting on the school grounds each year. I don’t know if they are still around (I last heard about them a few years ago) but you might want to hook up with Roosevelt Middle School to share duck experiences.

    Posted January 16, 2007, 4:59 pm #      
  2.    Glenys + Lois says:

    Dear students,
    We are Canadian teachers learning to make blogs ourselves, and are very impressed with your blog. Your concern about Daisy is moving, we hope many people get to read your blog and see your wonderful plans for Daisy. Your pictures are excellent. We’re so glad you won an award.
    Thank-you for sharing your Daisy saga with us,
    Glenys and Lois

    Posted March 12, 2007, 4:13 pm #      
  3.    Cyndy says:

    Excellent work. I hope you had fun watching the duck. We had fun reading about it.

    Posted December 1, 2007, 3:07 pm #      
  4.    jess says:

    Congratulations on your award. You did really well :)

    Posted February 19, 2011, 5:21 pm #      

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