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Oh No — Where’s the Duck?!

Much to everyone’s concern and disappointment, Daisy Mallard seems to be missing from her nest. But is her egg still in there? Oh no! Here are the flurry of emails that went back and forth today:

(MS Head writes): I am on the phone with Wildcare trying to find out what are responsible next steps for our duck egg. I’ll let you know what I find out.

(Facilities Director writes): The Kindergarten said they can put the egg in their incubator if she doesn’t come back. I’ll have the Custodians check to see if she comes in the evening tonight. I looked in the nest this morning, and it looked as if the egg was lower in the nest. The nest itself appeared to be a little deeper as well. I’ll have a custodian check tonight.

(MS Head writes): Thanks — It is great that so many eyes are watching out for this nest. Wildcare said that if the egg is solo for the rest of the week then it is probably not an active nest. As we know Mallards don’t sit on the eggs until all are there. Legally we cannot destroy an active nest, but if by the end of the week there is only one egg, then perhaps we should move it to the K incubators and see what happens.

(Facilities Director writes): That’s great information. If we see another egg, then operation Daisy Mallard is a go :)

So that’s the official update for today — we will continue to follow the Daisy saga, and will switch our attention and focus to her lonely egg if need be.


  1. I think she fly high or having fun into the river swimming with her family.

    Posted May 12, 2011, 10:44 pm #      


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